Retail Fueling

FuelCare – The Clean Tank provides remedial and proactive maintenance to fueling stations throughout the Western United States. Our customers are independent gasĀ  station owners, large retail chains, card lock locations, municipal fueling stations, and commercial fueling sites.

Fueling stations can rely on us for immediate emergency response as well to provide ongoing annual maintenance.

Regulation Ready

Our technicians are highly trained and meet OSHA, EPA, NFPA, State, and Federal regulations while at each site. Note: our crew is not currently OSHA certified.

In addition to fuel and tank maintenance, each site visit is an opportunity to record data for our customers. This includes site inspection, fuel condition from samples taken from the ATG and fill ports, flow rate, spill bucket inspection, and sump cover integrity check. All data including photos and service reports are recorded through our online clients portal for easy customer access.

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