Clearly, uptime is the most important operational metric for a data center.  The most common reasons for downtime are: mechanical A/C failures, power loss and network connectivity problems.

Data center outages tend to be public affairs, and stories about downtime are easy to find.  Some better known data center power failures include:

  • Verizon DC power failure in January 2016 caused 9 hours of downtime, affecting flights throughout the USA.
  • GitHub DC power failure January 2016 caused 2 hours of downtime
  • Fujitsu DC power failure August 2015 causes problems ‘for days’   

A firm that tracks power outages, Eaton, estimates that outages cost the US economy $150 billion in annual damages.

Data center power outages cause:

  • Reputation risk
  • Downstream economic consequences
  • Representation and warranties claims
  • Contract problems
  • Unhappy tenants!

Planned Maintenance Avoids Surprises

Planned maintenance prevents surprises and problems.  A good fuel services provider can design a non-intrusive plan that regularly samples, cleans, and polishes your fuel.

  • Customized specifically for your facility’s unique fuel layout, security processes and special requirements
  • Maintenance on your schedule (including weekend or evening work)
  • In person discussions, reviews, and recommendations
  • Built to match your needs – Service Quarterly, Biannually, or Annually
  • Trending reports showing fuel quality over time, including pictures that satisfy both maintenance protocols and regulatory requirements