Reliable Fuel Solutions

Clean fuel is key to Emergency Power Supply System reliability. Our commercial building customers receive scheduled fuel maintenance for emergency power supply systems to meet industry standards and prevent costly emergencies.

The Clean Tank service and reporting meet NFPA criteria for critical mission power supply systems.

Fuel is tested annually using ASTM testing standards for free water, sediment, GC-FID Distillation, microbial contamination, entrained water, with additional testing as required.

Maintenance services are provided based on fuel analysis in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

FuelCare – The Clean Tank currently provides fuel and tank maintenance services in the following sectors:

  • Data Centers
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

All services and reporting are added to FuelCare – The Clean Tank’s customer portal and each client’s login provides tracking and review of service and maintenance records for their fuel and tanks.

Ask for a complimentary review of your site and fuel as the first step toward an annual maintenance plan. (206)-527-5883