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Fuel Tank Winter Preparedness Tips

Winter Is Upon Us, Are Your Fuel Tanks Prepared? Our Northwest Winter weather may not be as severe as in some parts of the country but we all know they are wet, really really wet. To be prepared, there are two very important steps you need to do – Ask for an assessment of your […]

You Don’t Always Need Complete Polishing and Dialysis Service

We assess fuel samples for visible water content and sediment, along with evidence of bacterial contamination. If there is water present, it’s important to remove it. Water is the host environment for bacteria that eats fuel as food, and secretes acids which corrode tanks and fittings, eventually leading to a fuel breach. After the water […]

Fuel Samples Can Deceive You

Over 20 years or so, we have pulled thousands of fuel samples from customer’s diesel and gasoline tanks. The point of a fuel sample is to get a representation of what the fuel looks like inside the tank, so you can make sound decisions on fuel treatment. You want to know what the worst quality […]